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hey ₣riends,

yes, a swiss franc, my sweet friend.

This post has been on my mind for a while. I am glad that I finally got to sit down, go over the photos (many, too many), and select the suitable ones for a piece of blog post. I realised that I might be stuffing up my blog with photos so as to balance out my shortcoming on writing. I hope this hasn’t been obvious. I guess the only way to conquer that fear is by actually embracing it, so that means forcing myself to write more. Anyways, not a complaint, it is just me warming up my fingers. Without further ado, here is a little throwback journey of my holiday in Switzerland.

just a tiny human standing on the frozen lake of St. Mortiz

I want to put a little bit of thoughts at the forefront. I am not sure how this whole journal is going to develop, I am just jotting down my thoughts alongside the pictures that I took. This is not going to be a ‘complete guide’ to travelling in Switzerland, I just want to be able to look back on the trip while I have the time to sink in the whole experience. I also don’t know where to start, as you may know, Switzerland is all about seeing the breath-taking, magnificent landscape and scenics. So yes, that is all that is in my head right now.

I was there for ‘a year’

As lame as it sounds, I went to Zurich for a week from 28th December 2018 to 5th January 2019. I thought it would be exciting to countdown into the new year in a foreign country, and that was my first time stepping into a new year overseas.

Dining at the hotel’s restaurant on New Year’s Eve

Here is a shoutout to my friend, ka shin. Thank you for being part of this trip, for all the planning, navigation, and for simply being a great company. It simply wouldn’t happen without you. I know we both didn’t get to be home at this significant time of the year, but I wouldn’t trade our winter trip for anything.

z ü r i c h

CBD • ‘Comfy-Bed-District’

“Woah…”, we checked in first. We lived in a lovely hotel situated in the CBD, it was right next to the giant UBS office building and was surrounded by a few other finance companies and small residences. We could pretty much look into the office desks from our room. The window you see in the photo was quite impressive, it could be opened just by pressing a button, but of course not opened completely. We had a lot of fun just playing with the window upon our arrival.

We loved a cozy, warm, modern, friendly place to stay in. You know being able to sleep on a big comfy bed just makes travel more enjoyable.

first night

After checking in and unpacking, we just hopped on a city train to explore the city centre in search for some dinner.

glowing night

As we went at around Christmas & New Year time, the city of Zurich was all lit up. Or had it always been like that?

bright daylight

It was a relatively quiet city. My impression of Zurich was the empty streets, the closed shops, the small lanes, and the low population density. Could it be that it was Christmas and NYE that most people went away for holidays? We spent a day or two in the city area before embarking on the snow-mountain train rides. We had delicious food like pho, pasta, rosti, bratwurst by the street, brunch in the cafe, cheese fondue on a cold freezing night…


Tranquil water, swimming duck and dancing swans. Lake Zurich, what a bliss.


We wandered around the lake for a bit and ended up reaching the largest town square at sunset.

s u n s e t

what about a laid-back stroll through these lovely street corners?

Zurich in pastel colours

I love this part of Zurich. A not-so-hidden gem of the city, which is the

old town.

What it has to offer:


fountain & squares

scenic walk




The only other place we stayed overnight was in Lucerne, where we had our first ever (also the last) cheese fondue. All the other trips to the snow area were just day trips, and we went back to Zurich every night.

I think that was enough content for the city. Gear up, we are going to the mountain area.

g r i n d e l w a l d

one word, fairytale.

Grindelwald was a rather short stay for us because it was just a mid-point rest station as we divided our trip to St. Motirz into two parts: Stopping over at Grindelwald for one way, and at Interlaken for the other.

i n t e r l a k e n

Had a hot Korean clay pot bulgogi stew with steam rice in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow mountains. Tearing up.

s t . m o r t i z

Among the top holiday resorts in the world.

I mean, is there any place in Switzerland that doesn’t qualify as a holiday destination?

St. Moritz was the first planned snow area that we wanted to visit, and we did after a transit in Grindelwald. We caught an early train and it was noon by the time we reached here. We had lunch in a popular restaurant where you see people from all parts of the world coming here for a luxury holiday. After we filled our tummy, we proceeded to the lake and spent around an hour walking on it and of course, taking photos. Oh, walking on the lake – Yes we did, because it was all frozen! It is a bit scary now that I think about it but I would regard it as the best experience I ever had. Walking on water, you know what it is about.

Sat down at a cafe by the lake and ordered a hot chocolate while the sun began to set.

I really enjoy looking at aesthetic buildings. In St. Moritz, there was a great mix of traditional and modern architectures. Which one here fits your taste?

s c h i l t h o r n

Schilthorn Piz Gloria, 9744ft in the air. No photo. It was too cold for my fingers to even function.

We got on multiple cable car rides to reach the top, and there was a James Bond 007 museum because apparently some scenes were shot on this mountain. It was pretty late when we got to the top, so we saw what we needed to, grabbed a few postcards, and went back down on the last cable cars (at 5pm) as it began to get dark, completely dark.

I think this blog entry is going out of control. I didn’t know this would be so long. Well, if I did, I probably wouldn’t start at the first place. I have been sitting in front of the laptop doing this for the entire day, 11am to 11pm now. I should probably wrap it up.


If I could only recommend one thing in Switzerland, and I only had one, it would be this UNBELIEVABLY SMOOTH HOT CHOCOLATE.

ORO De Cacao, a chocolate shop in the city. They mainly sell chocolate (which is also amazing with free tasting), but their hot chocolate is bomb. When we first stepped in, we saw a family with kids finishing their hot chocolate and going to the counter for more. Was it that good? We thought. So we gave it a go, and we had to go back the next day.

ORO De Cacao, Zurich

The whole trip to Switzerland was a lot of surprises. Although my friend and I bought our tickets very early on, we really didn’t have an idea of what it might be like to be travelling in Switzerland. I am thankful that we were safe the whole time, and that we had places to stay where we felt safe. The whole thing was wild, there was so much to see. The best part of the trip was all the train rides to the snow mountains, I enjoyed the views on the way, into the forest, crossing the bridge, overlooking small villages… Only if I could post a video here to show you how much it resembled Narnia.


That’s all. A beautiful white holiday indeed. I don’t take this trip for granted, I am grateful to be able to explore the world. I am not crazy about travelling, but I do not lack the passion to see the world in every possible way. It was in the peaceful Zurich city that I slowed down my pace, and it was before the mountains that I felt insignificant. Personally, Switzerland wasn’t about shopping, or eating, or the souvenirs. I didn’t bring back anything tangible as the ‘evidence’ of me visiting Switzerland, but the scenics, the fresh air, the feeling of being in awe when a magnificent view appears before my eyes, and the wonder of a place I never knew, have all been secured in my heart. All the photos here cannot do justice to the beauty of Switzerland, I would recommend that you go see it yourselves. It is an experience that will drop your jaws and open your eyes.

Dear Sweet-zer-land, thank you for being so sweet, thank you for the beautiful times.

And to you, thank you for reading.

☾ peace, peeps. ☾


March 2019

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