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The entire town of St Andrews turned white on the 27th of February, and it was covered in heavy snow for the following weeks. The blizzard set the town on a lock-down status, which meant everything was closed, empty shelves in the supermarket, no class. I basically just stayed in my cosy bedroom and watched the snow take over the town.


When it just began:

I can still remember that moment of joy and amazement when I saw the little white hail and a bit of snow started falling on me. You should know that symbolic romantic element in all Korean dramas: the first snow.

This was how the colour of the town gradually toned down.

The beautiful hall residence of Wardlaw, University Hall, where I stay.

The sky was grey, the ground was white, everything seemed so pale. The ocean afar had fierce waves rushing to the shore, and the heritage buildings stood firm in the snow.

While this recreational area was on my left-hand side as I was heading to town, I could already see the museum the end of the path. The museum was a mid-way meetup point between the halls and the central town area. Whenever I want to meet up with someone and then go somewhere together, the message usually goes like “I’ll meet you in front of the museum”.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It had been a long while since I last saw snow. I lived in Beijing when I was little so I grew up playing in the snow. Now I can only vaguely remember how my sister and I would go on the street or to our rooftop garden for snow fights. Good old times.

– snow x flowers –

perhaps that’s just another way to water the plants.


You got to know, girls fear no cold.

bye bye, bikes.


So, I did not go out during the blizzard, not for snow fights, nor for photos. I enjoyed chilling indoor in my comfortable onesie, making hot food in the pantry, and listening to the sound of snow crashing on the windows. (sadly I cannot upload a video here, I filmed some short videos.)

Since I stayed in my room, this was my view most of the time,

and these are the views right outside my window.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

The snow didn’t last forever, but it came back a few times. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the snow season. That happiness just sprung from the bottom of my heart when I opened the door and see that everything is white and bright, it felt so pure and so refreshing. I absolutely LOVED stepping and making footprints on those clean, new, and trackless snows.

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

But of course, Scotland is always cold regardless of the snow. The snow was gone, but the cold remained. The photo above was taken on another night out in the winter, that night somehow felt even colder than the previous snow days.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

This is the view from the pantry. Whenever I cook, the glass would start steaming up and blurring out the view. When the window was pulled up, the view was simply a picture in motion.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I stood in the snow and started wondering: how does snow even exist? It is white, it is clean, it is light, it showers from above and disappears when it touches the ground. It flies, yet it is still; it melts, yet it is real.

There is a creator, and the evidence is everywhere. I have seen the beautiful creation on earth, but I haven’t seen enough yet, and I have witnessed the grace of God when His wonderful creations stand before my very eyes. What do you say when you are in awe? “It is just snow beautiful.”


☾ peace, peeps. ☾


time, season


May 2018


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